Should I Fly?

Web Design + Mobile App

  • Mobile app tailored for pilots to know when the weather is safe for them to fly.
  • Developed with cross-platform in mind, relying on a simple JSON API.
  • Contributed to open source weather parsing Ruby gem.
  • Validated by building test suite to parse weather at every airport in the world.

Should I Fly was born out of a problem faced by pilots around the world--checking to see if the weather was good enough for them to fly in--not just at legally good enough. In our research, we found the market did not have anything similar--all of the established apps only show if weather is legal--not if it is safe for a given pilot and their personal minimums.

When we set out to implement the back-end, we utilized the National Weather Service's METAR reports providing timely, royalty-free, machine readable weather for nearly every airport across the world. We joined forces by using and contributing to an open-source Ruby METAR parser gem to process the reports. To validate our solution, we built a full test suite testing weather from every airport in the world.

We then built a Rails service to take a list of airport identifiers along with a pilots personal minimums, and return a JSON response containing personalized warnings along with parsed weather data. This provided the basis for an application that would work on any platform with a JSON parser.

We targeted web first in order to quickly validate our idea, as well as provide a reach client which works on any device with a web browser. From there, we extended to an iPhone app, then later an Android application with support for a re-sizable and configurable home screen widget (shown above).

Key Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, iOS 5.0 SDK, Android 4.0 SDK, metar-parser gem

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